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Alleged sex assault claim in phone theft, court told

A WOMAN living alone in a Dublin apartment was sexually assaulted by a burglar who got in a window and stole her mobile phone, it is alleged.

A court has been told the man attacked the woman during the break-in, before fleeing.

A dad-of-two is charged in connection with the incident, after gardai allegedly found the stolen phone at his home.

He is charged with handling stolen property but Dublin District Court heard further charges were being considered by the DPP.

The defendant, a foreign national, asked a judge to relax bail conditions to allow him return to his home country to visit his sick father.

But Judge Michael Walsh refused following objections by gardai, who alleged that he was a flight risk.

The defendant (40), with an address in south Dublin, is charged with handling a stolen mobile phone at his home on June 15 last.


The prosecuting garda objected to the defendant's application to relax bail conditions.

Outlining the alleged incident, she said it was the prosecution's case that a man went into the alleged victim's flat and took the phone. She was living there on her own and he allegedly sexually assaulted her before she managed to put him out of the flat.

Defence Solicitor Michelle Sheerin pointed out that the only charge against the accused was handling stolen property.

The garda said possible further charges were being contemplated by the DPP.

The accused had no ties to this jurisdiction, she added.

Ms Sheerin said the accused had "strong ties," as he had been living here for more than 10 years and had a wife and a full-time job.

Their children attended school and played on local sports teams. The family were "fully involved in the community" here, Ms Sheerin said.

The defendant had abided by all other bail conditions.