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All you need to know about your CAO application

It is the easiest thing in the world to accept a CAO offer. It can be done from any corner of the world, even without trips to post offices.

Offers may be accepted either online or by post. However, an acceptance should be made in only one way.

You may receive two offers

CAO issues offers independently in respect of the Level 8 list and the Level 7/6 list. It is possible, therefore, for applicants to receive two offers simultaneously if they applied to both categories

At the end of any given round, however, a person may have accepted only one offer

A person might accept their Level 8 honours degree offer, for example. They might then change their mind before the closing time and decide that they would have preferred their Level 7/Level 6 offer instead. They may still accept that offer before the reply date set out on the offer notice. However, a later acceptance cancels and super-cedes any previous acceptance.

The closing date for offers in round one is Monday, August 29 by 5.15pm. CAO reminds all applicants to retain some evidence that they have accepted their offer. In the case of applicants accepting online, they must follow the procedure right down to the last page on the screen where they are instructed to print out their receipt.

If applicants are posting an acceptance, they should go to the post office and get a certificate of postage.

The CAO handbook contains four pre-printed certificates of postage on the inside back cover, and all that the post office official will have to do is stamp it.

If applicants are not entitled to any offer from CAO in this first round, they will receive a letter in which they will be told that.

CAO will also send them a statement of their application record, so that they can verify that CAO has the correct details of their application.

There is no certainty that those without offers today will receive an offer later on, but inevitably some of them will. In their attempts to fill all the places, college admissions officers usually make more offers through CAO in Round One than there are places to fill. Inevitably, however, some courses end up with vacancies, and offers of these places are issued to the applicants next on the waiting list.

CAO issues a formal second round of offers to arrive in students' homes on Thursday, September 1, and again these offers may be viewed and accepted online.

The CAO continues to make offers until mid-October, as long as the colleges instruct them to do so.