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All top grade city jobs go to internal staff

ALL appointments to top grade positions in Dublin City Council over the last seven years came from within the local authority system.

New data shows that a total of 88pc of those appointed to the top grades were internal while the rest came from other local authorities and subsidiaries of the council.

Cllr Gerry Breen has called for a quota system to be introduced for council appointments.

Cllr Breen asked the area manager to supply him with figures for appointments to the top 10 grades, up to and including the city manager.

The top 10 grades in the Council are City Manager, Assistant City Manager, City Engineer, Head of Finance, Head of Human Resources, Executive Manager, Executive Manager (Engineering), Chief Fire Officer, City Architect and City Librarian.

Dublin City Council (DCC) said that all of these posts are recruited via the Public Appointments Service -- an independent body.

"All appointments were made following open recruitment and by open competition," the council said.


However, the figures show that since 2005, not one of the 17 appointments to the top 10 grades in Dublin City Council came from outside the local authority system.

A total of 10 of these were internal appointments, four came from other local authorities and one from Ballymun Regeneration, which is a subsidiary of Dublin City Council.

Cllr Breen said: "Given the size of Dublin City Council with approximately 5,500 employees, the maturity of the organisation and its public sector nature, there is a great need to introduce a change culture especially in the more senior levels."

The elected representative noted that in a discussion with the then newly appointed city manager in 2006, he raised the issue of "the fixity of culture in many areas of DCC and a need to test this culture through staff recruitment and staff movements within DCC".

"Unfortunately these figures show this challenge has not been met," Cllr Breen said.

"There should be an immediate introduction of a quota scheme for the senior levels in all local authorities to introduce external expertise and culture into these organisations."