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All people ask about is Jamie, says Gillian

X-Files actress Gillian Anderson may be a mega-star in her own right who used to be pestered on her time in the sci-fi series.

But she says that now she's in The Fall, all she gets asked about is her hunky co-star Jamie Dornan.

He plays serial killer Paul Spector alongside Gillian's DSI Stella Gibson in the BBC series - and she says he steals most of the limelight.

"He's very, very funny and good at telling stories. He's a good mimic as well," she said. "He's a lovely lad. On the first series, people were like, 'Who is this guy? Is he an ex-model or something?' Now people don't want to talk to me about The X-Files. They only ask about Jamie Dornan."

Her character hasn't yet encountered Spector in the show but the pair are tipped to have a dramatic confrontation in the second series when it starts in November. Dornan meanwhile, will be starring in next year's steamy flick Fifty Shades of Grey.