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'All of the gifts I bought were taken from under the tree'

SARAH Kilduff (left) is one of those who was targeted by Christmas thieves last year. The burglars struck while she was at work, taking newly bought presents from under the Christmas tree of her Ringsend apartment.

"They left behind more expensive jewellery and other items that were in drawers but stole a food hamper and even some books that I was going to donate to St Vincent de Paul," she said.

"They clearly wanted stuff that was still in its packaging. They took a dress belonging to my flatmate with the tags still on and Harvey Nicks bag that was full of random things with very little value but obviously it was a pain for me to have to go shopping again."

The 27-year-old told the Herald that apart from having the items stolen the worst bit was knowing that somebody had been in her home.

"They tried to make it look as if they had broken in through a window but the guards think they used a hard plastic to force the front door open because it wasn't double locked.

"It was that simple. Nobody saw a thing. At least nobody was at home at the time but obviously they planned it that way."