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All-Ireland replay like 'another Christmas' for pubs of the capital


A sea of blue gathered at 'Jim Gavin's' - aka Peadar Browns - last Sunday

A sea of blue gathered at 'Jim Gavin's' - aka Peadar Browns - last Sunday

A sea of blue gathered at 'Jim Gavin's' - aka Peadar Browns - last Sunday

The All-Ireland final replay will see the tills ringing not only for the GAA, but also for many of the city's pubs.

Despite reducing the prices of tickets for the September 14 clash, the GAA is in for a second bumper payday, with estimates suggesting it will make another €5m from the replay.

However, for those city centre pubs popular with fans, the final replay between Dublin and Kerry is like "another Christmas".

Some pubs told the Herald they expect to triple their regular weekend profit.

A sea of blue gathered at Peadar Browns on Clanbrassil Street for last Sunday's All-Ireland final.


The owner of the pub, which has temporarily been renamed Jim Gavin's, said he will once again triple his weekend profits for the final replay.

"Between last year's final and this year's final, they have been the two busiest days trading in the five years we've been here," said Aiden Brown.

"I was waiting on Dublin for a few quid in a bet, so I think I would have been happy either way, but a replay is definitely another bumper day for the pub.

"The pub was packed either way. The place was packed all night, I had to close the doors over. It was a full house.

"For the day, I'd say we do probably three times what we usually do for a Saturday and Sunday.

"I'm sure all the pubs throughout the area will be delighted.''

Meanwhile, the Boar's Head on Capel Street has been an All-Ireland final hotspot since Kerry began a tradition of the winning team bringing Sam Maguire there for a pint in 1997.

After winning the All-Ireland last year, some Dublin players partied the night away in Copper Face Jacks before moving on to the Boar's Head later.

Pub owner Hugh Hourican said the final replay next week will be like "another Christmas" for them.

"We'd be known as a GAA pub and it was still probably one of our busiest All-Irelands because we would get a lot of Kerry supporters and then we'd also obviously get a lot from Dublin, too," he said.

"Kerry would have started the tradition of bringing in the Sam Maguire here in 1997. We've had them all over the last 15 or 20 years.

"We were delighted, of course, with the replay.

"In the heat of the moment, I didn't think much of it because it was such an exciting game and it came down to the wire," he added.

"It's very hard to say how much extra we'll take in but I suppose it's like another Christmas for us.


"It's a massive day for us and you would always hope for the replay.''

Meanwhile, the hunt for in-demand tickets by die-hard Dublin and Kerry supporters continues. In a welcome move, the GAA has slashed the price of tickets for the fixture.

Stand tickets for the big Croke Park showdown will now cost €60 and terrace tickets just €30.

Tickets for children will cost €10 for those from the competing counties of Dublin and Kerry.

All of the tickets are being allocated through the county boards. Clubs have started receiving their allocation in recent days.