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All-Ireland hurling champion jailed for contempt of court

ALL-Ireland winning Wexford hurler Paul Codd has been jailed for his refusal to cooperate with his bankruptcy.

At the High Court, Ms Justice Caroline Costello sent Mr Codd to Mountjoy Prison after he refused to answer questions about his assets put to him by the court-appointed official in charge of his bankruptcy, official assignee Chris Lehane.

The judge said the refusal amounted to a contempt of court and Mr Codd would remain in prison until July 27 unless he purges his contempt in the meantime.

Mr Codd, of Askinfarney, Clonroche, Co Wexford, was arrested yesterday in Wexford and was brought before the court by gardai under a warrant issued for his attachment in March 2014.

The court issued the warrant after it was informed Mr Codd had not complied with undertakings, given in January 2014, to meet with Mr Lehane.

The warrant was not executed until yesterday morning as Mr Codd was believed to be living outside of the jurisdiction.

Mr Justice Costello committed him to prison until July 27 after he failed to answer questions concerning his assets put to him by Mr Lehane.

Mr Lehane said among his concerns were that Mr Codd had transferred land to another party, which a bankrupt cannot do. Mr Lehane also asked him about his bank accounts, but Mr Codd's response was that all his accounts had been frozen by Mr Lehane.

Mr Codd asked the court to give him time to get representation.

He said he applied for free legal aid - which he said he was entitled to - but did not get it.

Asked by the judge about the location of farm machinery which had been leased to his company, Mr Codd said the items were "in a field near Wexford town", but he didn't know who owned the field.


He did not give a specific location after the judge said there are "many fields" near Wexford.

After making repeated requests to Mr Codd to answer questions, the judge said Mr Codd was not willing to co-operate and jailed him.

In March 2013 Mr Codd, was adjudicated bankrupt by the High Court arising from his failure to satisfy a judgment secured against him in 2011 for €530,000.