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Alex jets over to Canada to visit girlfriend Nicola

Made in Chelsea star Alex Mytton has shown up on the set of another reality TV show after jetting to Canada to visit his model girlfriend Nicola Hughes.

Sandyford local Nicola is currently in Vancouver filming Exiles, which is a reality TV show that follows young Irish emigrants as they try and make it in Canada.

Alex was pictured cosying up to the pretty blonde, although he only managed to score a kiss on the cheek for the cameras.

The pair (inset)appeared to be going strong despite the distance with Nicola recently posted a photo of them together to her Instagram account saying "Miss this eejit".

Success While Nicola is finding success on the set of one TV show, it's been made clear that she's not welcome to feature in Made in Chelsea.

There had been rumours that Nicola would make an appearance on the E4 show, as she has been dating bad boy Alex since August.

However, Alex's co-star Louise Thompson made in clear that Nicola (24) would not be appearing in the show.

"Yes, I have never met Nicola but I know that she was hanging out with Alex," she said.

"She won't be joining, no, no. I guess we are very open to letting new people join - we have had Americans so I presume Irish people can join," she said.

"I have heard that she is doing a different show in Canada," she added.

Alex and Nicola having been seeing each other since they met at an appearance in Naas in August. They were later spotted in London and were on holiday in Greece together.

The hot couple were also in Everleigh Garden on Harcourt Street before Nicola flew to Canada.