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Aldridge apologises for Twitter threats to rival fan

IRISH football legend John Aldridge has admitted he reacted wrongly to abuse directed at him on Twitter.

The former Liverpool striker threatened to send friends to the home of a man who targeted Aldridge after his former club lost to Crystal Palace last week.

Aldridge was called a "vile c***" by the 20-year-old Everton fan. Aldridge responded to the abuse by asking for the fan's home address and said he had some good EFC mates that also wanted it.

All of Aldridge's 156,000 followers on Twitter could see the heated conversation between the two men.


Speaking on Newstalk with Pat Kenny today, Aldridge admitted he had let his guard down.

"Sometimes you let your guard down on Twitter and I shouldn't respond to someone who isn't worthy of a response," he said.

"When Liverpool are beaten, you do get people trying to wind you up, usually Evertonians.

"It got very personal, I let my guard down, I shouldn't have reacted. I wasn't in a good mood - it wasn't a threat," Aldridge added.

"I've lots of Evertonian friends, they are a great group of fans, he's just one of a bad bunch.

"The thing is with Twitter you just have to endure it. It is a great art social media, you are in the public eye, so everyone can see who you are.

"I've got loads of abuse last Sunday and a bit of crack. We all let ourselves down. Some of these trolls are just after followers," he said.