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Aldi trolley-injury mum awarded s12k

A 48-year-old art tutor, who injured her left shoulder when a shopping trolley jammed in the car park of an Aldi store, has been awarded €12,000 damages in the Circuit Civil Court.

Mum-of-four Helen Murphy told the court that on January 22, 2012, she was wheeling a shopping trolley with an extensive number of goods towards her car at Aldi in Coolock, Dublin, when the wheels jammed and the trolley stopped suddenly, causing her arms and neck to "jerk."

Ms Murphy told the court that after emptying the contents of her shopping cart, which had been hard to push, into her car, she went to the store and reported the incident to the manager.


She had a pre-existing neck condition, she said, and later developed pain in her arm, shoulder and neck and visited her chiropractor and her GP, who prescribed her painkillers.

Ms Murphy, with an address at Abbeyfield, Killester, Dublin, but who now lives in Vancouver, Canada, said she suffered a soft tissue injury which required a cortisone injection. The court heard her injury may require surgery. Ms Murphy sued Aldi, with a registered address at Newbridge House, Nass, Co Kildare, for negligence and breach of duty.

Aldi, which denied negligence, accepted the front left wheel of the trolley was defective but said there was nothing it could have done to prevent the trolley from jamming.