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Alcoholic 'wet' hostel plan axed

A developer has shelved plans for a 'wet' hostel to accommodate and treat alcoholics in an apartment block near the Guinness brewery.

The owner of the apartment block had applied to Dublin City Council for permission to convert the 18 apartments into the hostel, which would have been only the second of its kind in the city.

However, he said he withdrew the application within days, citing "commercial reasons" and paperwork problems.

Wet hostels provide shelter for street drinkers while allowing them to continue to consume alcohol on the premises, unlike other homeless hostels that enforce abstinence.

Permission was lodged with the council for change of use of the four-strorey block at Bond Street in Dublin 8, near both the Guinness Storehouse and brewery.

Dublin has only one other "wet" hostel -- Sundial House -- which was opened in 2008 at a cost of €8.5m.

It houses long-term homeless street drinkers.