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WHEN an iPhone drags you awake to face the day, what you don't want is an app that smells and sizzles like bacon. The boffins at meat firm Oscar Mayer think we do and have come up with an app that releases the scent of bacon being fried.

But they've failed to make an important connection – there is no tempting rasher waiting in the kitchen. This app is a stinker.

I didn't think House of Cards could improve. But holy moly – the first episode of season 2 is an absolute cracker. Kevin Spacey's character Frank Underwood is cooler, meaner and even more ruthlessly ambitious.

SO will you do the dog on it, or remove yourself from the whole experience? St Patrick's Day is nearing and I think it might be the best one in a long time. It's been such a miserable winter that we all need to come out of hibernation. Plus there's the probability that Ireland will beat France, so I say – let's prepare for a weekend of mega celebrations. Bring it on!