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Alan brands BAI Mooney decisions 'a disgrace'

TV3's Alan Hughes has described as an "absolute disgrace" the BAI's decision to rap Derek Mooney (pictured) on the knuckles over his comments on same-sex marriage.

A complaint against the RTE Radio One presenter was upheld after it claimed he had breached impartiality regulations for telling a contributor: "I hope you do get gay marriage."

Alan said it was akin to censorship and didn't bode well for the Referendum on same-sex marriages.

"I think RTE should fight it. Michael (Murphy) was there and he said, 'I hope you're able to marry,' like I would say to anyone else, 'I hope you're able to marry the one you love'.

"The fact that the commission upheld the complaint is absolutely outrageous and RTE should go back and appeal it."

Along with partner Karl Broderick, Alan became one of the first high-profile couples to have a same-sex union.