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Airport police officer called wannabe cop

DRIVER rammed patrol car and screamed 'jackeen b***ard'.

A motorist called a Dublin Airport policeman a "wannabe garda" when he was confronted for a parking breach outside the terminal then collided with the officer's car as he took off at speed, a court heard.

David Walsh (47) struck the airport police jeep, then left the scene with the officers in pursuit after calling one of them a "jackeen b******".

He was banned from driving for a year at Dublin District Court and fined €600 when he was found guilty of careless driving and leaving the scene of an accident.

Walsh, of Sweet Auburn, Carrickbeg, Carrick-on-Suir, Co Tipperary, had denied the charges, claiming that one of the officers had "rammed" his car. He also maintained that the airport police were verbally abusive to him and that he left the scene because he feared for his safety.

Judge Conal Gibbons described his behaviour as "bizarre" and said he could not understand why Walsh had not parked in the car park.

Dublin District Court heard the incident happened on July 25, 2009 when Walsh parked in a set-down only area and airport police officer Barry Cribbs asked him to move three times.

He said to Officer Cribbs "you are just a wannabe garda and a jackeen b******", reversed at speed, causing him to jump out of the way, and struck his police jeep that his colleague Liam McGrath was sitting in.

Officer McGrath said while Officer Cribbs was speaking to the defendant, he heard loud voices, then saw the accused reverse at speed. His jeep mounted the footpath and collided with the police vehicle.

Witness Gerard Nolan said he was dropping his wife off to work at Aer Lingus when the accused reversed very quickly towards him, stopping about a foot from him.

Walsh said he stopped at the set-down area because other people were doing so.

He said he moved off when Officer Cribbs told him to and drove around twice until his ill wife, who was arriving from Spain, called to say she was ready to leave.

He said after he stopped, Officer Cribbs again approached him and told him he was impounding his vehicle.

The court heard the accused had been a haulier for 24 years, but was now a full-time carer.