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Air rage lawyer charged with embassy disorder

A US LAWYER jailed over a drunken air rage incident on a flight that was diverted to Ireland has been arrested again for allegedly causing public disorder outside the American embassy.

New York attorney Timothy Fasano had just been released from prison after serving a three-month sentence when he was arrested for allegedly using threatening and abusive behaviour outside the embassy in Dublin.

Dublin District Court heard he was trying to arrange to return home when the latest incident happened. He was allegedly found in possession of a knife on arrest.

Judge Michael Walsh refused to grant him bail, saying he seemed to have caused "mayhem" during the short time he had spent in Ireland.

The accused was remanded in custody to appear in court again later this week.


Mr Fasano, of 690th Street, Queens, New York, is charged with causing a breach of the peace, failing to obey garda directions and unlawful possession of a knife at Pembroke Road, Dublin 4, on August 6.

The court heard he had been sentenced to three months for his drunken behaviour on a flight from Munich to New York that was forced to divert and make an emergency landing in Dublin.

Objecting to bail, a garda said the accused had been attempting to organise documentation to leave Ireland when he was arrested. He had no ties to the jurisdiction.

Applying for bail, defence solicitor Tracey Horan said Mr Fasano had been here since April 23 and was "destitute". The accused said of the aeroplane incident that he had drunk too much and "blacked out".

He said the US embassy had taken his passport and refused to return it, making him "upset".

The knife in his suitcase had a corkscrew and bottle-opener and was "not considered a weapon" in the US, he said.