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Air passengers on the ballroom floor as technical issue halts flight

Passengers due to fly from Dublin to New York over the weekend had to spend the night on a hotel ballroom floor after their plane developed a technical problem.

It is understood that the Delta Air Lines customers had to sleep on the ballroom floor of the Carlton Hotel Dublin Airport when alternative accommodation for them could not be found.


When contacted, a Carlton staff member was unable to say how many passengers were accommodated in this way.

The flight was ready for take-off on Saturday morning, but was prevented from doing so by a technical issue.

Passengers were eventually taken off the aircraft at 2pm

Delta staff attempted to find hotel rooms for the passengers but none were available across the city.

It is understood that a hotel was eventually found in Limerick.

However, when it came to arranging transportation, there were no buses available and the rail strike on Sunday meant trains were not in operation.

"People were furious. It's astonishing to think that there were no hotel room anywhere in Dublin," a source said.

"It's very unfortunate. It's a difficult situation for airlines and passengers," they said.

Pilots and crew members are only allowed work a set number of hours, so even if the technical issues had been resolved on Saturday evening the plane may not have been able to travel, the source pointed out.

A spokesperson for Delta could not be contacted for a comment.

Meanwhile, about 170 passengers, including infants, due to travel from Dublin to Izmir in Turkey spent the night in the airport when their plane was unable to leave due to an unspecified problem.

It eventually left at around 6.30 yesterday morning.