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Ah here... give gran award for courage

'AH here -- give her an award' is the new plea to give Dublin YouTube sensation Anne Grimes a civic honour.

A CITY councillor wants the great-grandmother to receive a Lord Mayor's Award in recognition of her courage.

Her shouts of: "Ah here, leave it out!" were recorded on video as she tried to intervene in a vicious brawl among strangers on Talbot Street in Dublin.

The video was uploaded on to YouTube and the recording went viral in the internet.

Now Anne (59), a respected community leader in Sheriff Street, has been recommended for a city award by independent councillor Nial Ring.

Cllr Ring declared: "Looking at the video clip, it is interesting to note the number of people who just walked past the altercation or simply looked on.

"It took a great-grandmother to confront these youths and express what we all want -- safe streets to walk on with no unacceptable behaviour."