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After saying No 11 times Molly takes a Gamble and she finally says Yes

FORMER New Orleans Rose Molly Molloy Gamble has revealed how she learned to laugh at the clip showing the moment at last year's festival when her boyfriend Kyle proposed live on stage.

Although she said 'no' 11 times after Kyle got down on bended knee, the new Mrs Catlett said it was a definite 'yes' at their romantic wedding ceremony in Fairhope, Alabama in May.

The golden couple was back where it all began ‑ one year to the day - to film the final part for a documentary that chronicles their love story.

'The Proposal' follows Kyle and Molly Molloy's journey one year on and will be aired on RTE television on September 24, four months after their wedding day.

"When I saw the clip I thought, gosh, why did I say 11 nos but it is funny to look at and it's a great memory of a moment to see Kyle walk in and my mom watching it with tears streaming down her eyes," Molly Molloy said.

But Molly confirmed she had no hesitation saying 'yes' in front of almost 300 of their family and closest friends.

"We got married in a church with all the windows open so we could feel the bay breeze and everyone just celebrating the joyous occasion," she said.

She said the planning of her big day started almost immediately after the proposal but she knew since she was a little girl what she wanted.

Her mother promptly booked the venue she had her heart set on for an early summer wedding.

"My mom, my grandmother and all the family helped me plan. The church is an outdoor chapel so you don't want to get married there too late in the summer when it just gets too hot in Alabama.

"I guess everyone wanted to know what happened after the proposal so it is a good story to tell," she added.


For Kyle, the wedding was less daunting than how he felt before his TV appearance in The Dome last year.

"I was fine right up until I was standing on the altar and I got butterflies. But I just knew this was the moment I had been waiting for since she said 'yes' and it was just amazing and there were a few tears," Kyle said.

The couple has set up home in Tampa, Florida, where Kyle comes from and most of his family lives, and both are working in commercial real estate.

Starting a family is definitely on the horizon for the happy couple but not just yet. They are hoping to do more travelling first.