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After €460 Sinn Fein bash, Adams goes for €87 event


Gerry Adams spoke at dinners

Gerry Adams spoke at dinners

Gerry Adams spoke at dinners

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams has moved on from his €460 dinner in New York to attend another party fundraiser in Toronto where guests are being charged €87.

The Friends of Sinn Fein raised more than €300,000 with a Manhattan cocktail and dinner party which was attended by around 700 people on Thursday night.

The Herald has now learned that Mr Adams went straight from New York to Toronto for a similar event where he is the guest speaker.

He is not expected to be accompanied by his deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald who was also in New York.

The Canadian event is being advertised at C$125, with discounts for new Irish arrivals in the country.

It is being held in the Hilton Hotel in downtown Toronto which describes its dining as "an upscale affair".

Speaking in New York, Mr Adams defended his absence from the Dail on a day when Universal Social Charge cuts and child benefit measures were being debated, saying he wanted to "send a word" to the Taoiseach and Tánaiste.

"Mary and I are coming back, we'll see you in the Dail, and we'll hold you to account for all the things that you haven't done despite all of your promises in the last election," he said.

The event was largely sponsored by US-based construction companies.


Mr Adams used his 25-minute speech to criticise the Government's preparations for the 1916 Easter Rising commemorations.

"The Irish Government had to tear up its first proposition. Its first proposition was a video.

"The video didn't mention any of the signatories, didn't mention the proclamation, did mention Bob Geldof, did mention Martin McGuinness's friend Elizabeth the Queen, did mention the great and the good, but was not about the enormity of the event itself and the political and social intent of that event.

"They had to get rid of it," he said.

Asked about claims by convicted killer Sean O'Callaghan earlier this week that they had sat in IRA meetings together, Mr Adams replied: "It's untrue."

Mr O'Callaghan alleged that Mr Adams was an "extremely senior member" of the IRA.

Mr Adams also dismissed criticism by Fine Gael and Labour that he was missing the passage of the Finance and Social Welfare Bill to attend the event.

"It's mock outrage by them. I know that I was in the Dail last night until 11 o'clock. I noticed a Labour absence on the bill for ethnicity for the Travelling people," the Louth TD said.

"I noticed the day before, when we had a debate on the North, the absence of both Labour and Fine Gael Oireachtas members and indeed the Tanaiste flew in, made a few incoherent remarks and then left.

"We know where we stand on these matters."

Since it was established in 1995, the Friends of Sinn Fein group has raised more than $12m (€11.2m).