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Aer Lingus rules out new US link

Aer Lingus has said it won't resume services to the west coast of America in the near future. There were reports the group was investigating the possibility of reinstating the routes it axed in 2009. But it said that it had analysed the potential of such routes but felt that they would probably generate "significant losses".

Dublin Chamber of Commerce had previously said a resumption of Aer Lingus's California services would be welcome for business opportunities.

"Such a route would have been extremely valuable to the continued development of our strong economic links with Silicon Valley and other west coast hubs of US companies with European headquarters here in Ireland," said the chamber's chief executive, Gina Quinn.

Separately, new research has revealed that the amount of flights in Irish airspace rose by 0.4pc during July.

The Irish Aviation Authority said it controlled an average of 1,648 flights in Irish airspace on a daily basis last month.

En route traffic in Irish airspace (flights that don't land in Ireland) was up by 2pc but commercial terminal traffic for Shannon, Dublin and Cork airports dropped by 0.8pc, compared to the same month last year.