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Advertising sector boosts jobs


OVER 20,000 Irish jobs are supported by advertising as the sector generates tax revenues of €158m for the exchequer.

Irish firms spent €1.1bn in total on ads last year, according to the first macro-economic assessment of the industry.

The study also found that each job within the sector supports another three non-advertising jobs.

However, the overall national spend has decreased by 2pc compared with 2010.

"The impact of advertising on the wider economy is more substantial than many other industries and is often not readily recognised," said Association of Advertisers in Ireland president Fiona Curtin.

"The advertising industry in Ireland has an overall economic multiplier of 3.0, higher than the average for other industries in which the input/output model has been employed."

Ms Curtin said advertising contributes €766m to GDP and €255m of this represents direct value-added.

Press advertising has been the main conduit for advertising spending over the past few years, with a total spend of €422m in 2011.

But online advertising grew by 20pc during 2010 and 2011, reaching €132m in 2011.