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Addiction aid for attack teen

SENTENCING of a teenager who subjected a German national to a beating during an unprovoked attack in Dublin has been adjourned to allow him to get treated for his drug problem.

The boy (17), who had to be subdued with a pepper spray after the attack on Dame Street, on March 17 last, has pleaded guilty to assault causing harm to his victim.

Judge Clare Leonard said that drugs were the source of his problems.

She remanded the boy on continuing bail for sentencing in December.

Jason is Strictly brilliant -- Kylie

Kylie Minogue has given her backing to old flame Jason Donovan as he battles for dancefloor supremacy on Strictly Come Dancing, saying he will be "brilliant".

The chart superstar said she will be following his progress in the BBC1 show and is rooting for him.

Minogue and Donovan starred together in TV soap Neighbours, and the couple used to date.

Minogue said: "I'm sure he's going to be brilliant. I'll be right behind him."

Castoffs attack fellow Amish

A group of religious castoffs in Ohio has been attacking fellow Amish, cutting off their hair and beards in an apparent feud over spiritual differences in the deeply traditional community, a sheriff said.

Members of a group of families disavowed by mainstream Amish have cut the beards off men and the hair off several men and women, Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla said. He said the cutting apparently was meant to be degrading.

Friendly dog has vicious side

A friendly, floppy-eared mutt named Fluffy may have earned himself a new nickname in his Brazilian hometown: Ferocious-When-Necessary.

Kenya Suelen Rodrigues, of the city of Campo Grande, said that the normally playful and friendly dog immediately attacked a pitbull that barged into her home and headed for her three-year-old daughter.

The fighting continued until the pitbull was hit by a car. The pitbull's owner took the dogs to the vet. Both survived.