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Addict had bags of heroin in maternity hospital

A DRUG addict arrested for bringing bags of heroin into a Dublin maternity hospital has been released on bail so that he can join his family to mourn the death of his mother.

Carl Delgarno (31) was caught in a toilet in a patients-only section of the hospital with the drug on him, a court heard.

He was spotted by a member of the public and viewed on CCTV before he was found with the heroin and drug "paraphernalia" on him

He admitted drugs and public order charges in connection with the incident at the Coombe Hospital when he appeared before Dublin District Court.

A judge granted him bail and adjourned the case to a date later this month, for sentencing.

Delgarno, with an address at Limekiln Green, Walkinstown, pleaded guilty to possession of heroin and criminal trespass at the hospital.

The court heard gardai were called by a member of the public who saw the accused enter the hospital at 2.30pm on the day of the offence.

The eyewitness said she had seen Delgarno carrying what appeared to be a bag of drugs. After viewing CCTV, the defendant was found in a disabled bathroom in a patients-only ward. He had three bags of heroin and drugs paraphernalia on him.


In another incident, he went into a Centra store in the south city centre, took ice out of a freezer and began eating it.

When told to leave, he stated that he was under the influence of drugs and failed to move on. He was arrested and charged with failing to obey garda directions.

In a third incident, he was arrested for obstructing the path of pedestrians while begging on Grafton Street.

The court heard the accused had a total of 119 previous convictions for public order, theft and other offences.

The charges in Delgarno's past record were all minor offences that had been dealt with at District Court level, his solicitor told the court. He had had a long-standing drug addiction since the age of 20 and had been able to get clean several times but this was "usually followed by a slip shortly afterwards", his solicitor said.

The accused had developed "quite bad psychiatric difficulties" as a result of his drug use. His mother had passed away in the past few days and was only buried the day before his court appearance.

He had been very close to his mother and her death set off a "bad chain of events", the accused's solicitor said.