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Actor O'Dowd sends 'condolences' to family

Chris O'Dowd (right) has paid tribute to Mari Connolly.

Although currently filming in Vietnam, the 31-year-old actor from Boyle, Co Roscommon, expressed his sympathies to the five-year-old's heartbroken family.

The comedian -- who starred in hit film Bridesmaids -- wrote a public message on his social network page expressing his "deepest condolences" to Mari's mother Teresa Kane, her father and "all dealing with this tragedy".

"Sad sad [day] for Boyle," he added.

His father Sean O'Dowd told the Herald that his son constantly kept up with local news.

"I'm glad that he took time off to empathise with the family in this difficult time and to associate himself in any small way with [this]," the 69-year-old Boyle native said.

"Chris regards himself as a local, and he would feel affected by anything that goes on in the community."