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Actor helping pal walk again

A FAIR City actor has told of his desperate bid to raise thousands of euro to help his close friend walk again.

Maclean Burke, who plays Damien Halpin, has been left devastated after his pal and fellow Wicklow man Johnny Hayden was paralysed.

The dad-of-three (39) lost all feeling in his legs and lower body after a failed operation on his back last November.

Johnny is undergoing intensive treatment in Spain.

A fundraiser will take place at The Beach House in Greystones at 8.00pm on Friday night. See www.mediaconcepts.ie/ johnnyhayden to donate.


Aretha Franklin is taking off the month of June.

A spokesman for the 71-year-old singer says Franklin will reschedule two shows and resume her touring schedule in July. Publicist David Brokaw provided no other details. Franklin announced earlier this month that she would cancel scheduled performances in Chicago and Connecticut this week to undergo medical treatment. She did not specify what type of treatment she was receiving.


An 80-year-old Japanese extreme skier who just missed becoming the oldest man to reach the summit of Mount Everest five years ago is back on the mountain to make another attempt at the title.

Unfortunately for him, the slightly older man who nabbed the record a day before he could in 2008 is fast on his heels. Today, Yuichiro Miura was already in the oxygen-deficient 'death zone' and hoped to reach the 8,848 metres summit tomorrow.


Authorities in southern China say a mentally ill man stabbed six primary school students and an adult in the latest of several attacks on Chinese schoolchildren.

A local government spokeswoman said today that all seven were in stable condition and a suspect had been apprehended. The knife attack took place as students were returning home yesterday afternoon on the outskirts of the city of Maoming in the southern province of Guangdong.