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Acting? You're wasting your time, Louis told pop flop Colin Farrell

LOUIS Walsh has revealed that he told Colin Farrell he was lacking the X Factor.

The pop guru was less than impressed when Farrell auditioned for Boyzone.

"I did say No to Colin Farrell," the 60-year-old admits. "Colin still laughs about it."

Louis says that while Colin (36) certainly had the look, his vocal range let him down.

"He always looked the part and he was the boy around town. He sang but he couldn't sing very well. He was a character. I said 'No I don't think it's for you'."


And he even warned the young Farrell to steer clear of acting. "He said, 'Oh man, I want to be an actor anyway'. I said 'Acting? Colin, you are wasting your time. It's too hard!" But Louis says he's thrilled that Castleknock native Colin proved him wrong and has gone on to be a major movie star.

With roles such as Phonebooth, Total Recall, In Bruges and hot new film Seven Psychopaths under his belt, Farrell is arguably one of Ireland's most successful acting talents. Louis says the two of them still laugh over his advice. "We still laugh about that. He proved me wrong."

The X Factor judge puts Farrell's success down to Irish charm. "Irish charm, you cannot buy it. That's what all the bands have and all the good artists that have made it."