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'Acting less stress than office work', says Amilia


Amilia Stewart

Amilia Stewart

Amilia Stewart

Fair City star Amilia Stewart has said that while the acting game is stressful, she doesn't think she has it in her to work in an office.

The Tallaght actress is known to viewers for playing kidnapping victim Katy O'Brien on the soap, and while work in the business isn't always steady, there's nowhere she'd rather be.

"It can be stressful if you let it. I think you know in the first couple of years whether you're able for this or not," she said.


"I think any job can be stressful. If I was in an office dealing with numbers and stuff, that would be stressful for me. I think it's the way you're wired, isn't it?"

Working in Ireland where the acting business is small, Amilia was told the real work is trying to find yourself a job.

"You're always working but you're not always working a job," she told the Herald.