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ACHTUNG BABY: LOGAN TO win over germans

LET'S hope he sounds better than an Anglo Irish banker.

Three-time Eurovision winner Johnny Logan will attempt to repair German-Irish relations when he sings the German national anthem before Ireland's World Cup qualifier in Cologne next month.

In an unprecedented move, the 59-year-old will perform both the German and Irish anthems at RheinEnergie-Stadion, Cologne, on October 11.

The booking of Logan, one of the most popular entertainers in Germany, to sing the song of Germany, Deutschlandlied, insiders say, is a move to mend relations between the two countries.


Last June, it made front-page news in Germany when the Anglo Tapes featured bankers derisively singing "Deutschland, Deutschland, uber alles" with an old, Nazi-era verse left in. The performance prompted German chancellor Angela Merkel to speak of her "utter contempt" for the disgraced Anglo bankers.

"Johnny has been rehearsing the German anthem for weeks and will be giving it his all in Cologne," said a source close to Logan.

In recent years he has been working more on the continent than in Ireland but the singer enjoyed his biggest Irish single in decades last month when Prayin' entered the charts at number three thanks to RTE show The Hit. It was Logan's biggest domestic hit since 1987's Eurovision winner Hold Me Now.

However, he said the success of the song would not lead to him representing Ireland again in the contest.

"I did a gig in Malta recently and a journalist told me, not only was I singing for Ireland in Eurovision next year, he knew the name of the track. It's completely untrue because I have no intention for representing Ireland again, neither have I been approached," he said.