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Abandoned puppies given a second chance

SNUGGLES, Christy and Cherry are three very lucky puppies.

They were rescued by the DSPCA and gardai in two large hauls earlier this year.

But now the trio will all be going to good families this winter.

The animals were found in cramped conditions and were malnourished when they were brought up to the animal shelter in Rathfarnham.


The society said that they had been inundated with calls from members of the public who wanted to adopt the cute puppies.

DSPCA representative Gillian Bird said that vast majority have been re-homed, but they are still looking for volunteers to look after those animals with illnesses.

Over the past year, a total of 169 puppies in large consignments have been intercepted by the DSPCA, Gardai and Customs. Another consignment of 54 puppies was placed under the DSPCA's protective and veterinary care by gardai.

The DSPCA, on the instructions of the gardai, returned the consignment to the owner, who surrendered 10 of these puppies back to the DSPCA due to their ill health.

"We will be looking for foster parents over the Christmas period, but these need to be able to give regular care," Ms Bird said.

"A few of the dogs are still here, some of them are in foster care and have had problems.

"These would be congenital problems and are due to the diet and the way they have been treated."

Cherry, a Jack Russell puppy, is just one of the fortunate ones -- the vast majority are happily with their new families.

"Cherry has just been adopted by Animal Care staff member Sonya Hickey," Gillian said.

"Snuggles and Christy were rescued as part of one seizure during the year.

"They are awaiting collection by their new owners this week.

"We have another seven pups in foster care because of ongoing health issues and which will be going to their new homes after Christmas."

The DSPCA, through its Adopt, Don't Buy campaign, is asking people to help prevent trafficking and to provide a second chance to many of the pets in its rescue centre.