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A world without cabbies or road rage? Dream on

If women really are bad drivers and men can't read maps then Google look to have found the perfect solution, right? Hmmmm, I'm not so sure.

You see the technology that everybody is getting their automotive knickers in a twist about is really nothing new. We already have cars that can park themselves (an optional extra on the latest Ford Focus).

You can buy a Volvo that can emergency brake if it detects an imminent collision and there is even an Audi with infrared that slows the vehicle when it detects body heat should you be driving through suburbia during a blackout with no lights on.


The latest gizmos are all brilliant but do they influence whether we buy a certain car or not and how we actually drive? I'm afraid not.It all boils down to three main factors, price, performance and, of course, vanity.

It's what fuels our love affair with driving and the car. I can't imagine a world with no road rage, cabbies or even lycra louts. No roaring obscenities at 'yer wan' putting on her makeup while chatting on the phone and slurping a skinny latte.

Gone would be that feeling of smug satisfaction when you refuse to let that 'moocher' out of a junction because he's driving a 141 plate.

Equally, there'd be no double yellow lines, Gatso vans, parking attendants or dreaded clampers. A world without evil... I'll believe it when I see it.