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A welcome spin-off of Dubs victory

SAM has come home and the Jacks are well and truly back. After a second night of joyous celebrations, Dubliners are still trying to let their brilliant All Ireland win sink in.

There are so many things to take from Sunday's victory over Kerry.

The sheer drama, the brilliance of Alan Brogan and Kevin Nolan, the heroics of Stephen Cluxton, the brilliance of Kevin McManamon and the superb tactics of Pat Gilroy.

All this, coupled with the effort of the rest of the team, has ensured a feeling of euphoria throughout our great city and county.

With such a great occasion comes the inevitable and most welcome spin-offs. An estimated €8m in much-needed revenues will pour into the capital over the coming days as Dubs fans spend, spend, spend.

And the good news is that the celebrations look set to continue for many days to come.