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A week off and just one more exam to come

THE last day of exams had finally arrived for many. But we still had to sit a science paper.

I find that no matter how badly you do in science, you leave the exam thinking you did great.

There are nine questions, which split up into many smaller questions. Three questions for biology, three for chemistry and three for physics.

The marks you get in the exam are added to the marks you got for your mandatory experiment book and your 'coursework B' experiments.

Nobody ever knows what questions to expect, so whether you found the exam hard or easy really depends on what part of the course you focused on.

For me, I felt lucky that the things I was betting on came up, like a question on organ systems in biology, a question on acids and bases in chemistry, and questions on friction in physics.

Everyone was happy after the exam, but from past experience of science, everyone always is.

Now I have almost a full week off before music.

I'll be glad once these exams are over, but I feel they weren't nearly as bad as everyone was expecting.