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A trail of sweets leads gardai to Dublin's dumbest criminals after raid on city garage

THREE of Dublin's dumbest robbers were caught by gardai -- who followed a trail of sweets to nab them.

The sweet-toothed trio were arrested by officers responding to a robbery at a petrol station in Palmerstown.

The greedy thieves grabbed fistfuls of confectionery as they ran from the premises -- dropping the sweets as they ran into Palmerstown village.

Eagle-eyed gardai at the scene spotted the trail -- and followed it. They then caught the men dividing up the cash spoils of the raid.


The three 20-year-old men are in custody today following the raid on the petrol station in Palmerstown at 2am on Monday.

Gardai arrived at the scene of the raid after being alerted by a member of the public.

The shop assistant who had been working at the time managed to lock himself inside a room for his own safety.

The raiders had already fled the scene but gardai tracked them on foot after noticing the trail of confectionery.

The three men who were discovered not far from the scene must go down as Ireland's dumbest criminals.

They are being quizzed by gardai at Ballyfermot Garda Station.

Only a small quantity of cash was taken during the botched robbery.

A source said: "This just gives you an indication of the sort of moron who engages in this sort of crime. It's no laughing matter, though. The shop assistant was very traumatised after the incident."

The Palmerstown robbery is the latest in a number of incidents in 2010 involving inept criminals being caught due to their own stupidity.

Two dimwits who grabbed an empty security cash box in the north inner city recently were previously dubbed Ireland's Dumbest Criminals.

A major garda operation began after the men, who were unmasked and made off on foot, swiped the box from security staff. They fled but they didn't get far.

The bungling thieves did not realise that the area had been crawling with detectives since the murder of Stephen 'Madser' Byrne in Sheriff Street just a week before the robbery.

Earlier this year the Herald exposed a YouTube video of "dumb" drivers performing dangerous acts.


The three, who are all in their late teens, were picked up by gardai in Nenagh after the video showed them individually, gave their nicknames and showed the registration plates of their cars.

Dozens of passing motorists managed to avoid the crazed drivers, who crossed continuous white lines and hung out of their car windows for their own amusement.

The content of the video prompted AA spokesman Conor Faughnan to brand the men 'Ireland's Dumbest Criminals'.

The three were questioned and two of the cars from the footage were seized by gardai.


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