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A third of us would confront a burglar

ALMOST a third of householders would confront or attempt to restrain an intruder in their home, a survey has revealed.

Another third said they would scream and shout to try to scare off a burglar ransacking their home.

And just under 40pc admitted they would play it safe and hide before calling the gardai.

More than 13,000 people took part in the AA Home Insurance poll -- with 73 of those admitting they would shoot or kill an armed intruder to keep their family safe.


Conor Faughnan, AA's director of policy, said finding a burglar in the house is rare but is the stuff of nightmares.

"It is hard for anyone to know how they would react but the best advice is not to panic and to think firstly about the safety of your family," he said.

"The best advice is not to confront them but to secure your family within the house and call the gardai."

The poll also revealed women are far less likely than men to confront a burglar.

Respondents in counties Carlow (29.1pc), Leitrim (27.3pc) and Mayo (23.5pc) emerged as most likely to confront a burglar, with homeowners in Dublin, Clare and Kildare less likely.