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A third of pupils wear lucky pants for exams

IRISH students are turning to their lucky pants to help pass their exams.

A new survey shows that a third of all university students across Ireland and Britain can't bear to part with their 'lucky' underwear when it comes to sitting exams.

Other top charms included pieces of jewellery (24pc), lucky pens (20pc) and toy mascots (15pc), the BIC Revision Report 2013 revealed.

According to the report, two-thirds of students are superstitious – but one-third become even more superstitious during examination time.

Some 15pc of those surveyed say they believe that having their lucky charm with them on the day enhanced their success at exams. Meanwhile, old-fashioned – and ill-advised – cramming is the order of the day for some youngsters.


Students said that computer games and social media distracted them from their studies.

Nearly a quarter (23pc) said they only start revising the day before an exam, with 61pc admitting they stay up late to cram. Some 40pc resort to pulling 'all-nighters' – studying until dawn to finalise their revision. The average time students down pens is at 2.19am the night before.

"With nearly half of students admitting they don't study for exams as much as they should, it's unsurprising that so many are putting their faith in charms or adopting rituals to feel more assured," revision and education expert Patrick Wilson said.