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a splash of colour adds to transport history

The history of Dublin transport has come to life in one of the capital's most historic streets.

Visual artist Alan Mongey teamed up with students from the Crinan Strand Youth Centre to create a mural in Marlborough Street.

In just over two months, the artists designed 44 panels, which are 8ft high and 4ft wide, depicting the ever-changing life of the capital's transport network over the centuries.

The goal was to add colour to an area that is under construction at the moment, paving the way for a new Luas route.

Mr Mongey (above), who has worked as a community artist for a decade, said he wanted to make "an artistic impact on the area".

"I suppose I wanted people to be able to walk past the wall and smile or just get a good feeling from it," he said.

One of the teenagers involved in the After School and Education Service in Sheriff Street came up with the theme Movement In Time and the group built on it from there.

"The kids were very involved from the start and it was great to see they were able to sustain their interest," said Mr Mongey.

"I really wanted to push them because I knew it was an opportunity for them to hone in on their skills."

The piece, which stretches over 50 metres, was sponsored by Irish Life and the Luas Cross City.