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A sneak preview inside new T2 terminal

PASSENGER trials on the new T2 building at Dublin Airport have been delayed - because of last-minute tests by project bosses.

Four thousand volunteer members of the public were set to put the new terminal two building through its paces in the coming days, but the tests has now been postponed.

The volunteers will now have to wait until next month while airport bosses themselves work through last-minute tests.

"We are just trying to make sure we have enough ironed out ourselves before opening it to the public," a Dublin Airport Authority spokesperson told the Herald.

"We are currently conducting internal trials and want to offer maximum impact for when fresh eyes come in.

"It's simply taking a bit longer than expected - but it will only be postponed by a few weeks."

The terminal, which is due to open in November, is still on track for the same opening time in the month, but airport bosses decided against opening it for external volunteers until August.

The live trialling is described as playing a "critical role in helping to operate the new terminal effectively and safely, and in the training schedules of the thousands of staff who will work".


Trials of individual processes and systems will commence next month and build through the late summer to a number of advanced trials in September and October.

Advance trials will involve the simulation of full passenger journeys through the new terminal and boarding gate pier.

Brendan Daly of the DAA has said: "We want to replicate the full range of airport scenarios and identify and address any issues that arise in advance of our November opening.

"We need business passengers, passengers with reduced mobility, passengers of all ages and genders; passengers with special requirements; family groups; tour groups; clubs and sports groups."

The volunteer passengers will be provided with specific scripts on the day of the trial, outlining the particular role they will be asked to play.

The budgeted cost of Terminal 2, its associated 420-metre boarding gate facility Pier E, its dedicated energy centre and a new campus road network is €610m.

The 4,000 volunteers, who registered specially online, will be among the first members of the general public to use the newly-constructed building before its highly anticipated opening day due to take place this winter.