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A shining example has left our lives, say stabbed mum's family


The funeral mass for the late Marian Horgan at St Joseph's Church, Cork city

The funeral mass for the late Marian Horgan at St Joseph's Church, Cork city

The funeral mass for the late Marian Horgan at St Joseph's Church, Cork city

A woman fatally stabbed in her own home has been hailed for her immense love, kindness and good humour.

The tributes to mother of three and former Irish international hockey player Marian Horgan (60), were led by her brother, Jim Eager, who admitted "there are no words" to describe the tragedy which had befallen the family.

Ms Horgan's son, Paul (25), has been charged with her murder at Murmount Avenue, Montenotte in Cork on November 23.

Mr Horgan appeared before Cork District Court last Wednesday and was remanded in custody on the single murder charge.

He was not at the requiem mass yesterday for his mother at St Joseph's Church in Mayfield, Cork.

Prayers were offered at the mass for Paul Horgan by Fr Dermot Brennan.

Ms Horgan's husband, Billy (67), led the mourners and was flanked by his daughters, Jennifer and Caroline, as the funeral cortege left St Joseph's.

In a moving tribute to his sister, Mr Eager said the entire family was left devastated.

"There are no words," he said.

Mr Eager said his sister had always been a role model for himself and his siblings, Robert, Anne and Jacqueline.

"I always had in front of me the shining example that Marian was," he said.

"Marian was a person of limitless energy. But she also had tremendous love, kindness and good humour."

"That was not just for her family and her children.

"Marian will always be a huge part of our lives," he said.

"She leaves behind two wonderful gifts - the beautiful family that she helped to create and the immense debt of gratitude we all owe her for the wonderful way she lived her life."

Fr Brennan said Marian was a rock for the community, being involved in residents associations, community groups and even Brian Dillons GAA Club.

Fr Brennan said she was also a deeply modest woman, rarely referring to the fact she was an outstanding hockey player at club, provincial and Irish international level.

A proud native of Kerry, she was committed to sport and fitness throughout her life, running mini-marathons over recent years for many charitable causes.


He said she was also deeply devoted to her family, particularly her husband and children.

"The Horgan and Eager families have suffered a great loss."

"We all feel that loss and we support them this morning. But the shock and the silence over this tragedy are almost palpable," he said.

"One minute all is right with the world and the next we are lost and in total darkness without the slightest warning or the chance to prepare ourselves. In just one moment our whole world is turned upside down."

"The loss of a wife, a mother, a friend and a neighbour hurts very deeply. It is a shattering experience - all the more so when the loss is sudden and tragic," he said.