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A Robbie and Gary encore?

Robbie Williams has teased fans with the prospect of another reunion with Take That pal Gary Barlow after posting a picture online of the two of them rehearsing.

The duo are seen singing on a podium together surrounded by musicians in the image which was posted on Twitter, sparking speculation they will perform in the next few days.

The photo is accompanied by the caption: "Robbie and the Captain -- what are they up to?"

Smoking mums

hinder children

Babies exposed to their mother's cigarette smoke in the womb later perform more poorly on reading comprehension tests, a new study shows.

"It's not a little difference -- it's a big difference in accuracy and comprehension at a critical time when children are being assessed, and are getting a sense of what it means to be successful," lead author Dr Jeffrey Gruen of Yale University said.

Homeless face

beds shortage

THE Simon Community has warned that there may be too few beds for homeless people in Dublin this Christmas.

The organisation says that the number living on the streets has risen this year compared to previous years.

Sam McGuinness, who works with the Dublin branch of the charity, has blamed a blockage in the system which is making it more difficult to get people out of emergency accommodation and into permanent residence.

However the Dublin regional homeless executive has pledged extra help this winter in assisting the homeless.

I was a porn actor, says DA

A prosecutor in upstate New York admits that he acted in pornographic movies in the 1970s.

Mark Suben, the district attorney in Cortland County near Syracuse since 2008, held a news conference yesterday to say he had lied about his past in the days before this year's election.

He is apologising for his actions and says he used 'bad judgment' by acting in porn and then by denying it.

He wouldn't take questions, including whether he should resign.