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A million clients had personal data stolen

MORE THAN one million people who used loyalty schemes have had their personal information compromised.

A Garda investigation has been launched into what appears to be one of the worst data breaches in the history of the State.

The full credit card details of more than 376,000 customers across Europe were breached by criminals in the recent Ireland-based Loyaltybuild case.

More than 70,000 were SuperValu Getaway customers and more than 8,000 were AXA Leisure Break customers.


The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (ODPC) has received a preliminary report from its inspection team.

This followed an inspection yesterday at Loyaltybuild, the company at the centre of the recent data breach.

It said the details of an additional 150,000 clients were potentially compromised.

It also confirmed the name, address, phone number and email address of 1.12 million clients were taken.

It said the initial indications are that "these breaches were an external criminal act".

Andy Harbison, a computer forensics investigator at Grant Thornton, said people should keep an eye on their credit card statements even for small amounts.

He warned criminals might just remove a few euros each time, and hope the person doesn't pick it up on their statement.