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A few degrees below zero as politicians make charity splash

DUMPING icy water on some of the country's politicians might be the stuff of dreams but some of Trinity's leading academics and students couldn't wait to grasp the chance.

Trinity gave new meaning to the term political party as gleeful students poured water over a group of TDs and MEPs.

It was all in good fun however and for a very good cause as eight politicians became the latest people to rise to the ice-bucket challenge for the Irish Motor Neuron Disease Association.

Mary Hanafin, Joe Costello and Roisin Shortall were among those who took the chilly task. They were joined by Caoimhghin O'Caolain, Mary Mitchell O'Connor, Mairead McGuinness, Richard Boyd Barrett and Gabrielle McFadden.

Revenge however was sweet and the politicians were given the chance to return the favour. Trinity college's leading neurologists and research students were lined up to allow freezing water be poured over them in return by the delighted TDs and MEPs.

All took the drenching in high spirits despite their ruined hair-dos and soaking suits.