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A DUBLIN man has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to the attempted murder of a woman he believed 'poisoned' the mind of his wife more than two years ago.

A DUBLIN man has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to the attempted murder of a woman he believed 'poisoned' the mind of his wife more than two years ago.

Lateef Bello (42) from Pheasants Run in Clonee, Dublin 15 pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder of Adejoke Opesusi at Littleplace, in Clonnee by reason of insanity on February 19, 2012.

He also pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to burglary, criminal damage, endangerment and assault causing harm.

Counsel for the prosecution Paul O'Higgins SC told the jury that the accused, who is originally from Africa but has been living in Ireland for nine years, had been driving his taxi on the night of February 18 and early morning of February 19, 2012.

When he returned home, the court heard he embarked on a 'continuum' of offences in the belief that his wife was having an affair with his neighbour and that a separate neighbour had put his wife up to it.

"At 4.30am the accused used a fire extinguisher from his car to smash the windscreen of two cars owned by Mr and Mrs Oroleye. He then smashed through the main front window of the house."

The court heard that Mr and Mrs Oroleye managed to escape from the back of their house with their son as the accused was causing 'destruction' within the house.

Another neighbour who tried to intervene was then pursued by the accused who drove towards him in a car but missed him, hitting the house instead.

"Mr Bello gained entry into the house of Adejoke Opesusi and told her he was going to kill her and her kids. Mrs Opesusi did her best to try to distract Mr Bello from the children so they could escape."

"She ended up extremely lucky not to be killed. Mr Bello had taken two knives from the first house he had been in. He attacked Mrs Opesusi who he believed had convinced his wife to have an affair, stabbing her in the torso until one knife broke."

"He then started using the other knife and began to choke her until she feigned death.

Her daughter intervened and he stabbed her."

The court heard that upon hearing the approach of gardai, the accused had jumped out of a bedroom window on the first floor but was caught by gardai shortly afterwards.

Detective Sergeant Brian Carnahan said that a few weeks prior to the incident, Mr Bello had made threats to his wife Elizabeth that he would stab himself.

"Elizabeth states that her husband was accusing her of having an affair. She said he had made threats he would stab himself and she had to remove knives from her home."

Detective Carnahan told the jury that Mr Bello later told gardai in interview that he attacked Mrs Opesusi because 'she had poisoned the mind of my wife'.

The accused told gardai 'I saw her and said "what you have done to me is bad so here is my revenge" so I started to beat her and stab her'.

Michael Bowman SC defending told the jury that the accused has no previous convictions.

He confirmed with Detective Carnahan that it had quickly become apparent to arresting gardai that they were dealing with a man suffering some type of psychotic episode.

Doctor Michelle Kirrane, based in Blanchardstown Dublin agreed with a diagnosis of the accused of being schizophrenic.

"I think he has a serious mental illness named schizophrenia."

The trial continues tomorrow before Mr Justice Paul McDermott and a jury of seven men and five women.