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A bladeless fan, a DJ, an iPod dock and the iPad . . . it can only be the annual 'cool list'

An iPod dock, an iPhone app and the iPad are among the coolest gadgets of 2010, according to a poll.

The Dyson bladeless fan, an old-style 'point and shoot' Leica camera and BBC 6 Music DJ Adam Buxton also make the eclectic Stuff magazine Cool List.

The gadget magazine's annual list ranks the top 15 items, technology, applications, games, films and people, based on quality rather than sales success or value for money.

Apple's iPad is 11th on the list, with the magazine describing it as "simply the most fun gadget we've used this year."

Stuff editor-in-chief Fraser Macdonald said: "The Cool List isn't about the big-brand, budget-busting gadgets that most people have on their shopping lists."

He added: "New for 2010, the Cool List includes an app, game, film and person - proof that what or who you're watching, playing or listening to is as important to consumers as what gadget they're doing it on."

Top of the list is the GenevaSound S iPod dock, described as a "hi-fi slab of lifestyle conversation piece", followed by the Hipstamatic app which allows iPhone camera users to swap lenses, film and flash settings.

The Dyson bladeless fan -- listed as a "lustworthy exemplar of 21st-century design and an object of mystery and intrigue" -- is at number three.