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84pc of hotels fear for survival

A HUGE 84pc of hotel operators are afraid of going out of business this year as the number of tourists visiting Ireland dropped by a third since 2007.

The report is outlined in a new Irish Hotels Federation survey which shows the biggest concerns of the 180 hoteliers surveyed related to local authority rates, wage and utility costs, and the banks.

Hotel owners want the Government to introduce a "guarantee scheme" to assist businesses accessing credit.

And they have suggested the creation of a "reconstruction or development bank".

Within the past year alone, the amount of people employed in the industry fell from 60,000 to 54,000.

However, 30pc have a positive outlook, against 11.5pc a year ago, and just 37pc have a negative outlook, down from 50pc.

The review showed 46pc of hoteliers suffered a fall in business, while 72pc cut staff in 2010.