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€80 bill for dog who wandered into street

A WOMAN was left infuriated when dog wardens impounded her pet dog after they found him wandering outside her home.

Sandra Gibson, of north Dublin, had to pay €80 for her dog Sam, cross between a German Shepherd and a Labrador, to be released from Ashton Pound during the week.

The mum-of-four told RTE's Liveline programme that Sam wandered out onto the road outside her garden gates after she forgot to shut them.

"I forgot to lock the gates this morning when I was going back into the house and she rambled over onto the other side of the road, but she wouldn't have been out very long.

"She normally sits in the front garden -- she has a sun spot she sits in."

Sandra drove to the pound after her neighbour spotted the warden -- who was still out on the road when Sandra arrived.

Sandra became "emotional" and she started sobbing when she was told that if she wanted to get her beloved pet back, she had to pay €80.

"I was in the floods of tears. We love our pet. We take care of her very, very well. She's walked twice everyday.

"I was distraught. My bank account is actually bust at the moment. I explained to her I don't have the money, I don't have a job, I don't have a way of paying the money."

Although Sam had a collar, she did not have an identification disc, and Sandra was fined for not having a collar and ID, not having her dog under control, and for the pound release fee.

Sandra added: "I don't understand, they have a pound full of dogs which they can't find a home for, but now they're holding a dog for €80."

A spokesperson for Dublin City Council said: "The fine wouldn't have been for the dog staying in the pound, but there are other fines.

"There are fines for not having a collar ID on your dog. Even if the dog hasn't stayed in the pound, there are still fines which a person is liable for."

Meanwhile, Sandra now intends to keep five-year-old Sam on a permanent leash to prevent her from roaming outside the garden gates again.