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September 2008: John Bowe, Head of Capital Markets at Anglo, did not get the €7bn emergency loan from the Central Bank that they were looking for to help the ailing bank.


December 2008: The bill to bailout the bank was expected to total €1.5bn as the Government took majority ownership.


May 2009: The bill to cover the bailout was expected to now cost €4bn, rather than the earlier total of €1.5bn.


March 2010: Anglo reports annual losses of this amount.

The bailout was now expected to treble to more than to €14.44bn.


September 2010: Another €10bn is added to the expected cost to save Anglo, as estimates rise to €25bn after borrowing costs rise.


September 2010: Anglo's bailout is being paid for by promissory notes and is now expected to cost €34bn.


November 2010: Finance Minister Brian Lenihan formally requests a bailout package of €67.5bn from the ECB, IMF and EU.