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790 drove drunk or on drugs over Christmas

Road safety


Gardaí manned checkpoints

Gardaí manned checkpoints

Gardaí manned checkpoints

Gardaí arrested 790 motorists for driving under the influence as part of their Christmas and New Year road safety campaign.

The campaign, which ran from December 4 to January 5, focused on detecting whether motorists had taken alcohol or drugs.

Over the course of the operation, officers carried out 12,858 breath tests and manned 5,513 checkpoints.

Gardaí said despite reduced traffic for certain periods over Christmas, the numbers detected for driving under the influence has remained high.

There were 10 deaths on the roads during the period, down six when compared with the same dates in 2019.


Last year, there were 148 deaths on Irish roads, an increase of 6pc in comparison with the 140 over the same period the year before.

Another key part of the campaign was National Slow Down Day, which took place on December 11 and 12.

The operation comprised high-visibility speed enforcement across the 1,300 speed enforcement zones, as well as the delivery of a road safety message through national, local and social media.

Overall, gardaí and GoSafe checked 186,125 vehicles and found 892 travelling over the speed limit.

A total of 85,233 drivers were found to be driving within the limit.

Gardaí issued 1,096 Fixed Charge Notices (FCNs) for use of mobile phones, while 314 FCNs were issued over seatbelt use.

Assistant Commissioner Paula Hilman, of the Roads Policing and Community Engagement Bureau, appealed to road users to remember the basics of road safety.

"The message is clear - never drive if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or a combination of both," she said.

"We also ask that drivers increase their compliance with speed limits in order to lower speed-related collisions. This will reduce injuries on our roads and save lives."