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76pc back same-sex marriage, poll reveals


Poll slide: Enda Kenny. Photo: PA

Poll slide: Enda Kenny. Photo: PA

Poll slide: Enda Kenny. Photo: PA

AN overwhelming majority of people are in favour of same-sex marriage in Ireland, according to a key opinion poll.

The Red C poll carried out for Paddy Power found that three out of every four voters (76pc) said they supported the introduction of same-sex marriage provisions into the Irish Constitution.

This is the first indication of support since the Government announcement of a same-sex marriage referendum.

Just 18pc said they were opposed to the measure and a total of 6.5pc were undecided. And when the undecided group are removed the level of support jumps to 81pc in favour and 19pc against. Dubliners were one of the biggest groups in favour of the Constitutional change with a vote of 83pc.

Women make up a huge cohort in support of the move with 85pc confirmed they were in favour of same sex marriage and those under 44 years of age showed 87pc support in favour.

Labour supporters were 96pc in favour of the measure but Fianna Fail supporters were most likely to oppose it with 29pc saying they would not vote Yes.


The Government announced this week that a vote on whether to legalise same-sex marriage will be held in the first half of 2015. A number of other referendums will also be held on the same day following recommendations from the Constitutional Convention.

The poll also looked at the popularity of the parties and found Fine Gael has dropped four points while Independent and Others have risen by the same amount.

The party has faced criticism in recent weeks over medical cards and property tax. The random sample of 1,004 adults were interviewed by telephone from November 4-6 for the poll.

In just two weeks, Fine Gael support dropped four points to 25pc, when compared to a similar Red C poll for the Sunday Business Post.

The controversy over the property tax, water charges and water problems and the decision to go with a referendum on same-sex marriage have all happened in the past two weeks.

Support for Labour is stable at 9pc, Fianna Fail is up one percentage point to 24pc, and Sinn Fein has dropped one percentage point to 16pc. Independents and others were up four percentage points to 26pc.