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75pc of parents fear children watch too much TV

As children break up from school for their Easter holidays, almost three-quarters of parents are worrying they will spend most of it in front of the TV, according to new research.

The study, which questioned 1,000 parents and their children between the ages of six and 11, has discovered that 78pc of parents are concerned that the tradition of arts and crafts is disappearing for their children in today's "indoor culture" of modern technology.

Nearly three-quarters (72pc) of children surveyed said they will spend up to eight hours over a weekend in front of a TV or computer screen, a poll by Robinsons Double Concentrate has found.

A further 58pc of parents admitted that they are most likely to find their children watching TV or playing on the computer over the weekend. However, four out of five of those same parents (85pc), believe in the importance of maintaining childhood traditions such as arts and crafts.

Art Attack legend and dad-of-two Neil Buchanan said the rise of technology could be a "real concern for parents" if not used in a creative way.

He said: "The world for kids today is fast paced and varied and it is our job as parents to ensure that we inspire kids to use what they learn from the TV and computer and translate it into creativity in real life.

"It can only be a good idea to do the research into how best to get kids making things that embrace new technologies."

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