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€75k park first to be developed by city council

DUBLIN is getting a new park, with the city council giving €75,000 for a project that will be the first public space in the capital's history that the local authority has developed itself.

The new park will be developed within the next 12 months on a derelict site in Dublin 8.

"We voted down a proposal to sell the derelict site," explained Labour councillor Rebecca Moynihan. "The vote was passed last September and it was one of the first that City Manager Owen Keegan lost.

"There are 2,200 children in the immediate area under 10 who have nowhere to play.

"Dublin's southwest inner city is a real blackspot for open spaces. There's one hectare of green space here compared with 14 hectares on the east side."


The site, which used to be the Chamber Street flats, has been lying derelict for more than seven years and is located between Cork Street and Ormond Street.

A total of €75,000 was transferred from last year's budget and was secured as funds for "recreational facilities" because Ms Moynihan said she knew she would get a direct "no" if she had asked specifically for a new park.

The next stage of the development will see the plot of land rezoned.

Plans for its design and how to use it are being discussed, but a ball area and playground are likely to be installed.

Ms Moynihan said it is the first time the council will have developed its own park as all other parks, such as Iveagh Gardens and St Stephen's Green, were donated.

There was one green space the council was involved in, Granby Park, which was spearheaded by Upstart, but it was only a temporary facility.

More money for the project is expected when the council budget for 2014 is passed.

It is understood that around €250,000 is needed to complete the project.

The news follows a lengthy campaign on the part of councillors and residents in the area to put the site to good use for future generations of Dubliners.

The site has previously been used to accommodate a circus show, and a part of it has also been used for allotments.